Meyer Insurance Services


Insurance Plans Tailored to your Needs – Customer Service That Exceeds Anything You Have Ever Experienced Before

We provide a variety of insurance services for our clients, When you call an insurance company directly, the person on the other end of the phone will try to sell you a plan (from that particular company) that has the highest premium. When you hang up the phone, you will never speak to that person again. What kind of “service” is that?

When you call most insurance agents, they will also try to sell you a more expensive plan than you need because they’re trying to make as much commission from you as they can.

 At Meyer Insurance Services we don’t treat people that way. “Service” is in our name. It’s part of our DNA. Too many agents these days have no idea what real customer service is. Contact me by phone or email and find out for yourself what it’s like to be treated like you would treat you. Knowing that the rates and benefits are going to be the same no matter who you speak to, why go anyplace else?

I personally guarantee the best service possible. My name is Bob Meyer, the owner of Meyer Insurance Services. Call me on my cell phone at 714-349-7561 or my direct line – 714-990-4490 daytime, evenings, or weekends.